Join us Ollie & Michelle's Wedding 20. 09. 2018


Fly Away With Us

Mr Ollie Allan & Miss Michelle Bond
Ollie Allan Ollie
Michelle Bond Michelle

Invite you to put your feet in the sand, soak up the sun and raise a glass in celebrating
the beginning of a beautiful adventure 


Proposal Story

How we decided that we should be together forever!

"We spent the day on the Waikiki Beach as typical tourists, swimming, sun tanning and snoozing without a care in the world.  We watched the sun go down on a quiet stretch of sand, with a beach picnic for two and then settled in for festivities and fireworks (and apparently the big moment).  But as the crowds came and slowly but surely encroached on Ollie's space, a light drizzle began to fall.  We preserved for some magical pyrotechnics and waited for the crowds to clear (again apparently for the big moment).  But then...the heavens opened up!  And it was time for a mad dash home.  In the comfort of our apartment with its stunning balcony views, Ollie got down on both knees and asked Michelle to spend the rest of their lives together."



Join Our Party

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Each guest will need to complete an RSVP individually


True Friends

It's the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey.  Gals, I love that you laugh at the same stupid things I do, you give me honest advice, you are there for me through ups and downs and that don't care if my house is just care if I've got wine!

Kathryn Kemp

Right Hand Gal

Nicola Rule

Work Wife

Steph Anderson

Soul Sister

Christie Downs

Lifelong Friend


Great Mates

You can’t describe your mates in words. You can describe them with memories that you had with them!  Lads, I've got your backs.  Always remember I will be there to pick you up if you fall....after I've stopped laughing!

James Allan

Best Brother

Brett Archbold


Mick Ryan

Loyal Lad

Damien kammermann

Lifelong mate

A Little Note on Gifts

Your presence is the only gift we wish to receive

What we want most for our wedding is to have our friends and family there to celebrate the occasion with us and create a genuine, happy experience that we can hold dear for years to come.  No gifts are needed or expected.  However, we have been asked what we would like, so:

On the road to married life,
we’ve collected many things to be husband and wife.

And since we have our share of dishes and bedding, we're having instead a wishing well wedding. 

A donation to our well would be appreciated in every way,
as it will help to send us on a romantic holiday.

A wishing well will be available at our reception

Or please contact us if you would prefer transfer details